Blepharoplasty, the Most Requested Asian Cosmetic Surgery.

Found a great post about double eyelid surgery. According to this blog post, this is the most requested cosmetic surgery for Asians in the United States. I wish it weren’t so but I am afraid Emily is probably right.

Generally Asian culture is very very sensitive of how westerners and other cultures perceive them. The quest for perfection and apparent beauty is relentless. The obsession with staying “white” by covering their whole body even in hot days is widely noted, the idea that a darker skin person is less desirable than a fair skin person is deeply ingrained in their belief system.

Now with the widespread of Western culture and the mixing of all cultures in this global economy there is a craze to have facial features be more “western-like”

Double eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, is the most requested Asian cosmetic surgery. The surgeons cut along the eyelids and tuck them in thus, making double eyelids. In countries like Korea, people do it so much that it isn’t even considered plastic surgery.
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I think it’s a shame because Asian girls are so cute. I think sometimes monolid can be really cute. I don’t know about guys, I’ll let someone else weigh in on that. Regardless, I thought this was an interesting read and worthy of being on the Ptosis Resource Blog.

It’s a shame that the culture feels this way. Blepharoplasty isn’t a simple procedure to go through. It’s a shame because in these cases it is done strictly out of cosmetic purposes instead of a real medical condition like Ptosis. Thanks for reading!


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