Blepharoplasty, the Most Requested Asian Cosmetic Surgery.

Found a great post about double eyelid surgery. According to this blog post, this is the most requested cosmetic surgery for Asians in the United States. I wish it weren’t so but I am afraid Emily is probably right. Generally … Continue reading

Laster Eyelid Surgery for the lower eyelid

This is a demonstrative video on how to perform the lower eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty but using a laser. The methods are clear and the way the physiscian (unidentified) explains it is clear. However I can’t find part one. This … Continue reading

Revolutionary Improved Blepharoplasty Approach developed by Dr. Grady Core

We found this in our news feed and thought it would be good to share with you guys. This doctor, Dr. Grady Core claims to have developed a much less invasive procedure to tackle the problem of a droppy eyelid … Continue reading

Treatment, prevention and next steps towards a perfect lower eyelid

The post talks about the perfect eyelid and explains that the best cure is prevention. Avoid harsh chemicals, environments and other factors that adversely affect your skin. Besides prevention, I assume that after so many years of pervention, simple “wear … Continue reading

Remember as you find your Ophthalmology Textbooks

Remember we have some of the major texts on reconstructive surgery, ophthalmic surgery and other related eye surgery related studies. Just head on over to the store and you’re going to find the best prices available on the web. Not … Continue reading

Video Blog – I have Ptosis by Elizabeth Halford

Elizabeth Halford is an accomplished photographer. In her vblog, I have Ptosis, she talks about the difficulties of living with Ptosis. About the differences between Ptosis and other “changes” we’d like to have or control about your body. Ptosis is … Continue reading

Blepharoplasty or ptosis surgery, or eyelid surgery is not commonly known.

As this article points out, Ptosis surgery, officially known as Blepharoplasty isn’t widely known to the majority of the population. Most people don’t know this surgery is ever performed, let alone the fact that here are two main reasons, aging … Continue reading