Ptosis Essay, Thoughts about Surgery and self-esteem

This is a really well written narrative article about Ptosis, unfortunately you have to pay to read the whole thing. One thing I noticed though the article says it is 447 words, but currently you can view about 347 so you’re only missing 100 words. You could pay the fee to read the article or just imagine the ending. Here’s a quote, in my opinion it supports for having ptosis surgery early on to hellp the child develop a better self-esteem.

Although, it doesn’t affect your personality it may leave you with accumulating stress and low self esteem. My family has always been by my side through thick and thin, and I think they would be able to understand and love me for who I am not my disorder. Since ptosis can lead to much more complications, as i’ve stated before.

Source: Ptosis Research Paper | Term Papers Lab


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