My ptosis repair surgery failed…I think.

As with any surgery, Ptosis repair surgery can sometimes fail. Such is the case of this person that posted a few years back. There are three pages on discussion about the surgery. Many people have had less than excellent results with blepharoptosis surgery. Before you undergo any kind of surgical procedure, take time to explore the risks and likely outcomes. Ask questions, talk to people that have had it done. In this thread, a recurring theme seems to be, try to get the best possible surgeon, even if it means going out of state to have your surgery performed.

Here are a few snippets from that conversation:

ptosis repair is not always resolved the first time around I have heard others mentioning that they have needed more than one operation.

I just wonder how long I need to wait before knowing for sure that I’ve reached the end result. How long does it usually take for an eyelid to recover entirely after a ptosis repair, and how much longer do I need to wait before seeing some result? Is it possible for a droopy eyelid to not move at all for 3 weeks after surgery and then start going up way afterwards? Or is this it?

I also had an operation to repair congenital ptosis of the left eye around 2 weeks ago. I had already had one operation as a child, which was unsuccessful, and my parents had been warned against a second operation.
Now at age 41 I decided to take the plunge. However, I am disappointed in the results. The lid level appears the same as before, the only differences being that I now have scarring and the lid is also very puffed and swollen. The surgeon says that I won’t see the full results for another

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