Revolutionary Improved Blepharoplasty Approach developed by Dr. Grady Core

We found this in our news feed and thought it would be good to share with you guys. This doctor, Dr. Grady Core claims to have developed a much less invasive procedure to tackle the problem of a droppy eyelid by revolutionizing the traditional blepharoplasty approach. Check it out. The article is very clear but I’d be trying to fool you if I even began explaining what is in there.

Suffice it to say that if I were a candidate for this type of blepharoplasty then I would consider it for sure. Minimally invasive? great results? cutting edge? why not. Apparently as the tail end of the article suggests, not all patients are candidates for this procedure.

But about five years ago, Core realized the muscle lifting he had used in his lower lid procedures since 1998 was the foundation of the rejuvenation effect. “So I starting using less incision and moving less and less skin, and found that the lids were still being rejuvenated, until I was pretty much not removing any skin to achieve the same outcome,” Core says.

That was the beginning of developing what Core calls the lateral access blepharoplasty (LAB). “I realized that you don’t have to make an incision in front or behind the lid,” Core says. “You make a small incision out beside the lower lid, in the corner, which means no incision in the muscle, because you go in underneath the muscle, but in front of the fat compartment.”

Core’s LAB also breaks with blepharoplasty tradition and leaves the fat. “Removing the fat makes lower eyelids look older,” says Dr. Core. “Instead we re-contour the fat and that gets rid of the deep groove under the eyelid. Then we lift the muscle and that tightens the whole lower lid and supports it better.

Core’s work has been submitted for peer review but apparently this revolutionary almost non-invasive procedure has now been performed over 100 times with no refraction or side effects.

Core recently submitted the procedure for publication in professional journals. And except for patients with advanced lower eyelid skin laxity, he says he feels good enough about the procedure to offer it to anyone who walks through the door.

Complete article about the improved blepharoplasty procedure.


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