What is Ptosis?

There are different kinds of Ptosis. Ptosis is the condition where a body part droops. Ptosis most often refers to drooping of the breasts in women, and drooping of the eyelids in men or women.


Ptosis is generally a hereditary condition, and in this case it is referred to as congenital ptosis. In some other cases Ptosis can be caused by aging. In some circumstances ptosis can come about as a result of trauma to the eye or head.



In some rare cases certain neurological disorders or other similar problems may manifest themselves through ptosis. It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor or physician if you or a loved one develops ptosis of the eyelid suddenly.


Although ptosis refers to the two parts mentioned above; eyelids and breasts, it is commonly and most associated with the eyelid. Ptosis of the eyelid is generally not a harmful condition, but it might affect vision and cause other problematic conditions related to the eye. The general advice is to treat it early in a person’s life. Treatment most often requires surgery to correct the drooping. Ptosis caused by aging can be treated by performing cosmetic eyelid surgery.


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