Eyelid Surgery: Decide If This Is The Right Solution For You

If you are considering eyelid surgery due to ptosis, or droopy eyelids, you should first make sure that you are a candidate. If it turns out that you are not, you should consider other treatments that have similar results to this procedure. Either way, you should be aware that insurance providers often cover any kind of medically necessary treatment, which may include any procedure that can clear up your vision by keeping your eyelids from drooping over your eyes.

Most people who suffer from ptosis are older, typically at least 40. This is because the muscles in the eyelids may start to fail as you age, causing droopiness that not only makes you look less alert, but also older since most young people do not have this issue. For this reason, most good candidates for eyelid surgery are at least in their late 30s. Of course, some children have this issue since they were born with it, but this is rare, and should be discussed with a pediatrician before deciding which route to take.

If the problem is slight, you might not need eyelid surgery just yet. The most severe cases involve eyelids that block the vision, making it dangerous for patients to drive and nearly impossible to complete normal tasks. Of course, you do not need to wait until it gets this bad to get a surgical procedure done, but know that not every doctor will operate on a very mild case. You also have a better chance of getting the operation covered by insurance if it is clearly medically necessary, which mild cases are often not.

If you are not a good candidate for eyelid surgery, know that you have other options. For example, you could get Botox instead, or dermal fillers, as these can change the way the eyes look. These options might be best for those who do not have ptosis but do not like the shape of their eye area. They also might be good for those with dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, or other conditions that disqualify people from eyelid surgery.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for droopiness around the eyes, you should consider this option. Of course, it can be expensive if you do not have insurance, and it is permanent, so research all your options before you select this one. On the other hand, you will likely find that those with ptosis think this route to be the best one for them to take for a permanent solution.

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