Blepharoplasty or ptosis surgery, or eyelid surgery is not commonly known.

As this article points out, Ptosis surgery, officially known as Blepharoplasty isn’t widely known to the majority of the population. Most people don’t know this surgery is ever performed, let alone the fact that here are two main reasons, aging related ptosis, or congenital ptosis. So check out the other three surgeries described in the four cosmetic procedures you might not know about and read about Blepharoplasty, obviously and by the title alone you can tell that this is geared towards the cosmetic side of surgery, rather than the repair type of surgery where it is needed to improve vision, not just to correct wrinkles and turn time back.

… blepharoplasty is a modification to the eyelid, and can be done to either the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. Some people have a prominent upper eyelid that tends to hang over the eye, especially as they age and the skin is less elastic. This can be especially problematic for those that are aging because it can lead to vision problems. Because of the potential medical problems, a blepharoplasty can sometimes be covered by health insurance. Other people opt for a lower blepharoplasty for cosmetic reasons, so as to get rid of the “puffy” appearance from under their eyes. In any case

Source: 4 Cosmetic Procedures You Might Not Know About


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