What is Congenital Ptosis of the Eyelid?

Congenital Ptosis is a condition where the upper or lower eyelid falls or droops. As the name suggests, Congenital Ptosis is a hereditary condition. The drooping of the eyelid often affects one eye only, but in some rare cases both eyelids could be affected. The falling or drooping of the eyelid sometimes gets worse throughout the day as the person is awake longer or the muscles in and around the eyelid become fatigued.

Congenital Ptosis is often considered unsightly or strange looking, but it also can have repercussions that go beyond cosmetic problems. If left untreated Ptosis could cause certain problems with obstructed vision, or worse. It can also cause Amblyopia or even Astigmatism. It is often recommended to treat this disorder very early in life, to prevent developmental problems with the person’s vision.

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