Purple Eyelids Six Months After Blepharoplasty? Bruised eyelids

There’s a great discussion going on ove in the Eyelid Surgery Question and Answer section at realself. This is about a patient that has had six months to heal after a lower Blepharoplasty, but the eyelids are still purple. Several … Continue reading

Remember as you find your Ophthalmology Textbooks

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Featured Book & Review: Surgery Pretest Self Assessment and Review 13th Edition

– We thought we’d feature this book as it is time to take tests or prepare for them. This time we are featuring the recently updated Surgery Pretest Self-assessment and Review, Thirteenth edition (PreTest Clinical Medicine) by Lillian Kao and … Continue reading

Interview with Harold G. Scheie about ptosis

We found this while digging for more ptosis information and reading material for all of you. During this particular interview with Harold G. Scheie, he responds about his work with ptosis and sometimes dealing with upset mothers that expected better … Continue reading