3 Cosmetic corrections and facelifts without surgery or botox

These facelifts without surgery, are pretty remarkable. I’ve seen some amazing makeup work in my days, and sometimes makeup can be a viable alternative to correcting certain imperfections on our faces. These tips show you how to get facelifts without surgery. … Continue reading

What Is Breast Ptosis? [video] It may not be as simple as you imagine.

Excellent information covering the basics of breast ptosis. Many factors contribute to breast ptosis and he explains many of these in addition to basic information.

Blepharoplasty Indications and Information

Indications for Blepharoplasty. An informational video about Blepharoplasty. It covers basic information on why and when you might need to have surgery done. Causes of Blepharoplasty and description of the procedure and expeted results is discussed by Cosmetic Surgeon Anthony … Continue reading

Ptosis Surgery Video Blepharoplasty

Ptosis surgery, also known as blepharoplasty performed by Dr. John Martin. This video is about 12 minutes long and as with most eyelid surgery videos, it is graphic. He shows different techniques used. Dr. Martin also demonstrates the use of … Continue reading

Before and After Blepharoplasty to correct Ptosis

Young girl shows you in a slideshow, the pictures before she underwent blepharoplasty to correct ptosis. The slideshow shows you the pictures after the surgery as well and throughout her recovery. In the comments she explains that for sometime she … Continue reading

Double Eyelid Surgery to Change from Monolid

This is a video about having double eyelid surgery to correct or change what is often called monolid. While this is not a ptosis related surgery, it is a narration about eyelid surgery. In this case it seems that the … Continue reading

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Video in 10 Minutes – Dr Michael S. Schwartz, M.D. (graphic video)

Here’s a 10 minute video for a cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure. Narrated by Dr. Michael S. Schwartz, M.D. (Dr. Schwartz’ website) The young woman in this video is having her upper eyelids done. During the narration the Surgeon describes that … Continue reading