Ptosis Surgery Video Blepharoplasty

Ptosis surgery, also known as blepharoplasty performed by Dr. John Martin. This video is about 12 minutes long and as with most eyelid surgery videos, it is graphic. He shows different techniques used. Dr. Martin also demonstrates the use of various tools. Ptosis Surgery can be performed during childhood for congenital ptosis, but sometimes the condition is developed later in life; that is the case in this video.

One of the tools mentioned during the ptosis surgery is called the Bovie, but the docgtor mentions that this part can be done with scissors as well. Another video that was posted recently demonstrates something similar but using a laser. In any case, “The Bovie” caught my attention. The Bovie seems to be a tool called J-Plasma and it’s made by Bovie Medical Corporation. In layman’s terms, it seems like it is an electric scalpel with other functions built in. Not sure if the Bovie is a laser or what, I’m sure one of our smart readers will let us know in the comments.

As a reminder, ptosis surgery videos aren’t for the feint of heart. You’re either doing research before having your own surgery performed, or you’re a student learning how to perform Blepharoplasty, or a surgeon learning from other techniques.

Youtube Video Description:
“In this video, Dr. John Martin, a specialist in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, will demonstrate how to perform a ptosis repair. Ptosis is when there is a drooping of the upper lid. While there are many causes, it is frequently due to a stretched levator muscle, which is the muscle responsible for keeping the lid open. When this muscle becomes weakened or is stretched, the lid will droop. Dr. Martin will show a simplified technique to tighten the muscle and elevate the eyelid.”


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