How to Code Cosmetic Ptosis Repair

There is this Medicare patient of ours who’ll be having a leva to resection on his right eye for ptosis. The ophthalmologist wants to do this as a bilateral procedure; however the patient’s left eye is a non-seeing eye. As … Continue reading

Treatment, prevention and next steps towards a perfect lower eyelid

The post talks about the perfect eyelid and explains that the best cure is prevention. Avoid harsh chemicals, environments and other factors that adversely affect your skin. Besides prevention, I assume that after so many years of pervention, simple “wear … Continue reading

Ptosis Surgery Video Blepharoplasty

Ptosis surgery, also known as blepharoplasty performed by Dr. John Martin. This video is about 12 minutes long and as with most eyelid surgery videos, it is graphic. He shows different techniques used. Dr. Martin also demonstrates the use of … Continue reading

Are you embarrassed or reserved about having Ptosis?

You’re not alone, but you kinda are I have been looking for new and powerful resources for Ptosis but I’ve found few and the ones that exist with people in them are very inactive. I’m wondering why? Perhaps it’s that … Continue reading

Jess Living with Ptosis

A narrative video blog by Jess. She tells you about growing up with Ptosis. She had her first surgery around 10 years old. She describes how she remembers the surgery, consultation, before and after. Jess describes her experiences with other … Continue reading