Video Blog – I have Ptosis by Elizabeth Halford

Elizabeth Halford is an accomplished photographer. In her vblog, I have Ptosis, she talks about the difficulties of living with Ptosis. About the differences between Ptosis and other “changes” we’d like to have or control about your body. Ptosis is … Continue reading

Blepharoplasty or ptosis surgery, or eyelid surgery is not commonly known.

As this article points out, Ptosis surgery, officially known as Blepharoplasty isn’t widely known to the majority of the population. Most people don’t know this surgery is ever performed, let alone the fact that here are two main reasons, aging … Continue reading

Ptosis Essay, Thoughts about Surgery and self-esteem

This is a really well written narrative article about Ptosis, unfortunately you have to pay to read the whole thing. One thing I noticed though the article says it is 447 words, but currently you can view about 347 so … Continue reading

Failed Congenital Ptosis Surgery

Jean’s story in this case describes her growing up with Ptosis and having a number of surgeries to correct the problem. Seems like most of them have mostly failed but perhaps you can learn something more from her experiences. Many … Continue reading

My ptosis repair surgery failed…I think.

As with any surgery, Ptosis repair surgery can sometimes fail. Such is the case of this person that posted a few years back. There are three pages on discussion about the surgery. Many people have had less than excellent results … Continue reading

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Video in 10 Minutes – Dr Michael S. Schwartz, M.D. (graphic video)

Here’s a 10 minute video for a cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure. Narrated by Dr. Michael S. Schwartz, M.D. (Dr. Schwartz’ website) The young woman in this video is having her upper eyelids done. During the narration the Surgeon describes that … Continue reading

Sarah and Ptosis

What is ptosis and how this corageous girl, Sarah, deals with it. She seems to have developed this as she grew up so it wasn’t congenital. She is a little bit self conscious about it, but I think she’s very … Continue reading